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Zalando and bdg develop a Next Level Merchandise Planning Solution using the BI software Jedox

The classic Excel-based planning process reached its limits with the steady growth of Zalando, Europe’s largest online fashion platform. Too time-consuming, prone to error and not very homogenous: the purchasing planning was no longer in line with the dynamic business environment and ran the risk of losing sight of important key factors in a too slow planning process. That should change fundamentally with Jedox.

With Jedox and bdg we have developed a unique solution for our purchasing planning in category management. As a result, we clearly gain in efficiency, speed and accuracy.


With the introduction of Jedox, a homogenous and highly efficient planning process was to be established for complex pre- and in-season planning. The goal was to integrate data from a wide range of source systems using the Jedox Integrator to merge relevant KPIs from different data sources for a uniform planning process. It should also be possible to provide historical data as a basis for planning to an entirely new extent. The planning process was aimed at a top-down planning of the financial goals in combination with a bottom-up planning on a more detailed level of the product hierarchy. Results of this approach should be to derive qualified guidelines for ranges and to optimise the supply chain and warehousing to eliminate lost sales or reduced profits by closeouts or overstock.

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And find out all about the highlights:

  • Tailor-made Jedox solution for the complex merchandise planning at Zalando SE

  • Modeling and implementation of various data sources

  • Radical reduction of planning time and planning effort

  • Strong self-service BI approach, workflow including a clearly defined authorization concept

  • Absolutely transparent planning through constant access to all planning figures

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better decisions group GmbH | Zalando logo 1

About Zalando

Zalando is Europe’s leading online fashion platform. The range extends from almost 2,000 world-famous brands to local and fast-fashion brands to selfdesigned private labels. The Zalando shops are locally tailored to the needs of customers in 15 European markets. The international Zalando shops record about 200 million visits per month.

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Lean management in monthly closing: Process automation in financial accounting EOS

The bdg and EOS project aimed to establish an integrated financial accounting system through automation and process optimization that minimizes manual effort, improves data consistency and reduces the susceptibility to errors. Since the performance management software Jedox was already in use in several corporate departments, the high flexibility of the application should also be used for this project and the new solution should be integrated into the existing application landscape.

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Driver-based Profit and Loss Account with STRATO

STRATO and bdg jointly developed the concept for the implementation of a BI/CPM solution for controlling. Board was chosen as the software; the intuitive and user-friendly design of the application was particularly decisive, enabling it to be used as a self-service BI.