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Accelerate Reporting


Business Intelligence for the Finance Department

When it comes to BI for the finance department of successful companies, simply compiling data and preparing key financial figures was yesterday’s business. Today, the increasingly future-oriented and strategic work of successful finance departments forms the basis for the best possible business decisions and sustainable corporate success. This new focus is made possible by business intelligence solutions that take over time-consuming and error-prone tasks.

Traditionally, despite the unique position of the finance department as the collection point for data from all departments and branches of the company, controllers are predominantly concerned with cost control and a variety of mostly backward-looking or tactical issues regarding reporting, budgeting and compliance. Thanks to powerful BI solutions, however, they are now increasingly assuming the position of strategic advisors to the company’s management. They use business intelligence tools to underpin business activities with financial metrics to support management’s strategic decision-making.

Jedox: Finance Suite Target Setting Dashboard
Jedox Finance Suite  PnL Dashboard

Finally replacing Excel

The standard tool for controllers in many companies was and still is MS Excel. However, against the background of growing data volumes, ever faster changing market and competitive conditions, as well as the general error-proneness of manual data entry, spreadsheets are only suitable for controlling to a very limited extent. Modern business intelligence solutions accelerate and simplify planning, reporting and analysis and transform data into actionable insights.

integrated financial planning

Business Intelligence enables the implementation of integrated financial planning in many companies and thus lays the foundation for professional corporate planning. The integration of profit and loss planning, balance sheet planning and budgeted cash flow statement creates greater transparency and enables the rapid creation of scenarios and alternative calculations as well as generally more precise measures and faster reactions in crisis situations. Integrated financial planning is therefore almost indispensable for effective corporate management today.

Jedox People Suite Dashboard
Jedox Finance Dashboard: Overhead (OH) Forecast

P&L Consolidation

The classic for Business Intelligence in the financial sector: the profit and loss calculation (P&L). Both small, restricted BI solutions and complex and extensive systems ultimately have the goal of making it as easy as possible for the decision-makers in the company to get an exact overview of the financial situation.

What is still quite manageable for smaller companies becomes a science of its own when it comes to corporate groups. A consolidated P&L provides a remedy here. All profits or losses of all sub-areas, costs, revenues, etc. and data from all upstream systems are added up and finally translated into a single, consolidated overall result. It should be clear to every controller that such a solution is no trivial matter – this is business intelligence masterclass and bdg routinely implements such solutions.


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Business Intelligence for Finance

  • Balance sheet
  • Income statement (P&L)
  • Cash flow, cash flow statement
  • Cost centre accounting
  • OPEX
  • Working capital

Focus on analysis and planning

  • Concentration on the essentials by focusing on analysis and planning
  • Overall view of the company’s performance
  • Predictive analytics
  • Self-service analytics
  • Driver-based planning

Standardisation and automation

  • Reporting, planning, analysis in one platform
  • Automatic data integration
  • Uniform standard reports
  • Time saving in data collection, preparation, consolidation and reporting

Process optimisation in the finance sector

  • Streamlining financial reporting and planning
  • Uniform understanding of processes
  • Consistent reporting
  • Optimisation of reporting processes
  • Reduction of effort
  • Quality improvement

Reporting and Dashboarding

  • KPIs for specialist departments, middle management and the board of directors
  • Visualisation of the most important key figures
  • Quantitative and qualitative key figures
  • Reduction of administrative effort
    Individual, requirement-based reports for different stakeholders

Data aggregation and data integration

  • Single Point of Truth
  • Bringing together existing corporate data in a single platform
  • Integration of data from different systems, departments and locations
  • Uniform use of data
  • Low susceptibility to errors through centrally controlled data status and integrated validation


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