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Reach the optimum in Allocation and Replenishment

Allocation & Replenishment is complex – and getting it right just isn’t easy! Sending the wrong stock to stores, or more commonly sending the wrong quantities to stores, is super common in retail. But it doesn’t have to be! Read on and learn how a systemic solution for allocation and replenishment can support you in this increasingly complex task.

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Make the budget cycle easy

The Four Phases of a Budget Cycle – Made Easy with the Right BI Tool

Have you ever thought about why the regular financial budget season spans over three months? It‘s because Controlling and FP&A departments have to walk a tightrope between accuracy and timely completion as they often rely on a variety of spreadsheets. What falls short is the flexibility to react to today’s world with its rapid market dynamics. Read on to learn how the right BI tool can help!

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Free Your Assortment Planning from the Wedge

If it’s not just potatoes, shoes or open doors you think of when you hear the word “wedge”, then read on! If you’re in merchandising, you’ll want to learn how to replace the Wedge with an Assortment Planning tool that will maximise sales, profit, customer retention and market share.

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better decisions Swiss GmbH


We are celebrating another milestone in the history of bdg: with better decisions Swiss GmbH, bdg is now officially represented in Switzerland. We are thrilled

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BI in HR

3 Reasons for BI in HR

BI in HR … These IT acronyms might make some people nervous. But that shouldn’t be the case as powerful business intelligence applications can reduce fluctuation in the company and make HR teams more flexible and faster.

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Business Intelligence Competence Center (BICC)

Are you planning to implement a Business Intelligence System in your company and want to ensure that it is used in the best possible way? Then, in addition to professional change management and thorough user training, you should also consider setting up a Business Intelligence Competence Centre – BICC for short.

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Integrated financial planning for SMEs

With digitalisation, the demands on medium-sized businesses are growing. Those who do not want to be left behind must be flexible and react quickly and precisely to economic developments. Integrated success and financial planning leads the way.

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Strategisches Workforce Planning - bdg insights

Strategic workforce planning | bdg

One thing is clear: professional workforce planning is crucial for business success. But in most companies, workforce planning with intelligent software is still in the planning stage itself. The time-consuming work with Excel and error-prone spreadsheet processes are often still commonplace.

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Efficient Dashboards – Tips & Tricks

Nothing works without dashboards in today’s business world. Nevertheless, there are serious variations in efficiency. Depending on the industry and the company, the requirements often differ considerably, which is why there is no right or wrong way to design a dashboard.

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Corporate Performance Management (CPM)

For anyone who wants to pursue a corporate strategy in a more targeted manner, measure the performance of the company or individual departments more precisely and manage a company more successfully as a whole, Corporate Performance Management (CPM) is unavoidable.

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WSSI - Prozessoptimierung im Einzelhandel

WSSI – Process optimisation in retail

An industry of extremes: in retail, planning, analysis and evaluation are meticulous. Nevertheless, the industry is more affected by external circumstances than most others. Modern software helps to avoid empty shelves and optimise margins as well as stock levels.

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better decisions group GmbH | Beitragsbild Success Story Sainsbury

Intelligent inventory optimisation with Board 

The clothing division alone has hundreds of thousands of SKUs, making inventory management extremely complex. Efficiently managing the flow of goods therefore requires a highly flexible and reliable processes and software. With Board and bdg, Sainsbury found the ideal solution to optimise inventory management.

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better decisions group GmbH | Beitragsbild Success Story KFC

Restaurant planning  at KFC

Good planning is crucial for business success. This is especially true in the fast-food business, where speed of response and quick adaptation to changing consumer trends are essential. As the business grew, so did KFC’s restaurant planning requirements, which meant that the Excel-based planning system was soon unable to keep pace with growth and needed to be replaced with a more powerful solution.

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better decisions group GmbH | Beitragsbild Success Story Strato

Driver-based Profit and Loss Account with STRATO

STRATO and bdg jointly developed the concept for the implementation of a BI/CPM solution for controlling. Board was chosen as the software; the intuitive and user-friendly design of the application was particularly decisive, enabling it to be used as a self-service BI.

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better decisions group GmbH | Beitragsbild Success Story Zalando

Zalando Category Planning

The classic Excel-based planning process for merchandise planning reached its limits with the constant growth of Zalando, Europe’s largest online platform for fashion. Too time-consuming, error-prone and not very homogeneous: Merchandise planning was no longer in line with the dynamic business environment and was in danger of completely losing sight of important key factors in an overly sluggish planning process.
Zalando relied on bdg to implement a complex solution in Jedox for merchandise planning.
The result: the planning time and effort were radically reduced and the quality of the planning was significantly increased.

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better decisions group GmbH | Beitragsbild Success Stories EOS

Lean management in monthly closing: Process automation in financial accounting EOS

The bdg and EOS project aimed to establish an integrated financial accounting system through automation and process optimization that minimizes manual effort, improves data consistency and reduces the susceptibility to errors. Since the performance management software Jedox was already in use in several corporate departments, the high flexibility of the application should also be used for this project and the new solution should be integrated into the existing application landscape.

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