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As the retail industry moves towards omnichannel platforms with increasingly sophisticated product ranges, retailers are faced with the task of rethinking and developing their sales and merchandise planning processes. Whether planning, reporting or analysis: a business intelligence solution for retail offers them the best possibilities.

The goal of efficient retail merchandise planning is to optimise sales potential, solve inventory problems and improve margins. A business intelligence solution – as a central instrument – can integrate the relevant data from all sub-areas into the planning. Important for this: a clearly defined planning strategy.

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From Strategic Planning to Merchandise Financial Planning and Assortment Planning to In-Season Planning. The 360° planning solution of the bdg Retail Suite enables full control over essential planning processes in the retail sector.

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Merchandise & Assortment Planning

Strategic planning forms the basis for the subsequent steps, which focus on closely linking financial planning (Merchandise Financial Planning) with assortment planning (Assortment Planning). The former sets the financial framework, the latter then fills it with content. Here, it is important to clearly define interfaces in order to align top-down planning (financial targets) with bottom-up planning (assortment targets): At what level does the transition from financial planning to assortment planning take place?

Planning by merchandise groups has proved to be the best approach, as constant demand patterns can be identified at this level. Nevertheless, each company decides individually how to take its particular requirements into account.

Clustering & Merchandise Planning

One approach can also be clustering according to groups that are as homogeneous as possible in order to avoid unnecessarily inflating the planning. Business intelligence allows effortless aggregations and drill-downs to the last level of detail.

Merchandise planning – as a particularly dynamic process – requires adjustments during the current season (in-season management) to increase sales. The comparison of the actual performance with the forecasted performance makes it possible to quickly take corrective action if necessary.

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Business Intelligence in Retail

bdg’s business intelligence solution aims to make work processes much easier for retailers. A BI solution can display all key figures from sales, margins and stock levels to open-to-buy at a glance. It makes problems visible in real time – and thus solvable more quickly. Another advantage: existing data systems can be integrated into the BI application.

Planning can be

that simple

Would you like to learn more? In our whitepaper, you will discover how to transform your retail planning, moving from Excel-based processes to a flexible solution that will enable you to keep up in today’s ever-changing, rapid environment.

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  • Planning key factors and investments
  • Uniform starting point for all planning
  • Testing of scenarios
  • Commenting functions


  • Product group planning
  • Sales and margin planning at product group level
  • Discount planning
  • Target stock planning
  • Open to Buy
  • Action planning and tracking

Assortment Planning

  • Category management
  • Store clustering
  • Capacity planning
  • Delivery curve planning
  • Assortment planning by shops

In-Season Management

  • Forecasting
  • Sales Reporting
  • Markdown Management
  • In-Season Open to Buy


  • Plan reporting
  • Management cockpits and dashboards
  • Report folders
  • Visualisation of deviations


  • SAP for Retail
  • TXT
  • Exasol
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Alexa ERP
  • Godesys
  • Various PLM systems and other data sources


In a live demo, we will show you bdg’s solution in a quick virtual meeting. We will be happy to discuss your specific requirements in advance.

What to expect in the live demo:

  • Insights into the architecture of a BI & EPM solution
  • How bdg customises a BI / EPM solution
  • Features that bdg has developed specifically for your industry
  • What a project with bdg will typically look like

Simply fill out the form and choose an available timeslot. You will receive a meeting-link by e-mail.

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