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The possible applications of BI and EPM software are really only dependent on the willingness to deal with the subject. It is clear to everyone that we live in the age of data. And that’s why data is being diligently documented, stored and collected on every corner. The only problem is that all this data is actually worthless if it is not used in a well thought-out way – and storing it even incurs considerable costs.
One thing is certain: Collecting data does not improve planning processes, storing data does not accelerate purchasing and sales processes, and even if every employee documents exactly what, when, how and where happens – this does not create planning security.

bdg helps you consolidate your data, evaluate it, learn from it and make better decisions in the future. Step by step.

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You know the story: each department has its own software or still works with Excel. Many processes are extremely tedious and error-prone due to data silos or high manual effort. Business Intelligence solves this problem: the data is brought together in a central platform, thus creating a single point of truth. This provides you with an ideal basis for planning, reporting and analysis. With a planning component, you can now simulate a target state with the collected data. And for all departments.

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P&L and cost centre planning, balance sheet planning, controlling and reporting – the finance sector is the classic application area for business intelligence and corporate performance management systems.


Employees are the most valuable resource for most companies today – and at the same time often the biggest cost factor. The precise deployment of qualified personnel is therefore of central importance for the company’s success. Integrated, driver-based planning with a CPM solution creates the basis for success.

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Sales is king! From quotation calculation to day-to-day sales controlling and resource management – integrated tool stacks with a BI or EPM solution at their core can significantly improve your sales performance.


Do you know this? You have developed strategic marketing goals and now have to realize that the operational implementation of these goals is not going as planned? The processes and workflows of operational marketing are closer to those we are familiar with from goods production than many people realize – without a comparable self-image based on the division of labor being established. As a result, the workflows, approval processes and budget forecasting are usually lacking. Extensive tool stacks and necessary special competencies do the rest. A first step towards solving these challenges is to establish a marketing resource management system – at best integrated into an existing business intelligence and planning solution – use the full capabilities of your BI and EPM software.

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Reliable yet flexible purchasing planning protects your company from running behind the competition. Predictive analytics improve demand planning and strategic purchasing. With learning algorithms, your supply chain becomes more accurate, better and more crisis-proof every year.


Operational processes exist in every industry and in every department – accordingly, the focus on operational effectiveness is necessary to achieve tactical and strategic goals. Bottom-up data aggregation, consolidation and single point of truth – business intelligence and enterprise performance management software always serves the communication and control of the “Operations” area by the strategic corporate management.

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