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SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)

With SAC and bdg, you achieve increased information quality and security. The Analytics Cloud from SAP is a real all-rounder. Business intelligence is meant quite literally here. SAC relies on machine learning with artificial intelligence and thus achieves a high simulation quality. The software stands out as a top-level planning application – implemented by bdg.

SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) Recruiting Dashboard

SAC: Functions

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interactive results

Interactive Results

Follow organizational KPI's in realtime with current updates on your dashboards.

Centralized Intelligence

Centralized Intelligence

Coherent business decisions due to centralized access to all analytics-features. SAC hasa unified user experience model.

Integrated Planning

Integrated Planning

Dive deeper and launch simulations directly from your meeting room with a 360° view on your companies data.

made for Communication

made for Communication

SAC has elaborate chat- and communication features for perfect teamwork.

Game Changing Insights

Automatic Insights

Machine learning technology highlights important business drivers and insights, so your controllers can direct their attention  accordingly.


SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) integrates seamlessly with data and planning solutions to provide a 360° view of your business.

With every decision
Business first

As a business-first application, SAP Analytics Cloud understands the way you work. Our integration with industry and business solutions supports the intelligent use of data to simplify and streamline decision making for the Intelligent Enterprise.

SAC: Funktionen

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Interactive Results

Interactive Results

Verfolgen Sie in Echtzeit organisatorische KPIs mit aktuellen Aktualisierungen Ihrer interaktiven Dashboards.

Centralized Intelligence

Centralized Intelligence

Durchgängige Geschäftsentscheidungen durch zentralen Zugriff auf alle Analysefunktionen. SAC glänzt mit einer einheitlichen User Experience.

Integrated Planning

Integrated Planning

Tauchen Sie tiefer ein und führen Sie Simulationen direkt aus dem Sitzungssaal mit einer 360-Grad-Ansicht Ihres Unternehmens durch.

made for Communication

made for Communication

SAC umfasst Umfangreiche Chat- und Kommentierfunktionen für reibungsloses Arbeiten im Team.

Game Changing Insights

Automatic Insights

Die Technologie des maschinellen Lernens hebt wichtige Geschäftsfaktoren und Erkenntnisse hervor, damit Sie gezielt Maßnahmen ergreifen können.

Bei jeder Entscheidung
Business first

Als Business-First-Anwendung versteht die SAP Analytics Cloud Ihre Arbeitsweise. Unsere Integration in Branchen- und Fachbereichslösungen unterstützt die intelligente Nutzung von Daten, um die Entscheidungsfindung für das Intelligente Unternehmen zu vereinfachen und zu rationalisieren.


Die SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) lässt sich nahtlos in Daten- und Planungslösungen integrieren und bietet eine 360°-Ansicht Ihres Unternehmens.


In a live demo, we will show you bdg’s solution in a quick virtual meeting. We will be happy to discuss your specific requirements in advance.

What to expect in the live demo:

  • Insights into the architecture of a BI & EPM solution
  • How bdg customises a BI / EPM solution
  • Features that bdg has developed specifically for your industry
  • What a project with bdg will typically look like

Simply fill out the form and choose an available timeslot. You will receive a meeting-link by e-mail.

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SAP Human Resources Administration Software Overview-Screen

SAP Analytics cloud In various departments

SAP Analytics Cloud can be linked to all industry and department-specific solutions – not just those from SAP. At the same time, the software can also be used as a central platform for corporate planning. It then picks up the data from each department and transfers it to the central analytics core – from which dashboards and reports are generated for decision-making.

Use free SAC

As an SAP customer with active, licensed SAP products in use, you get access to free Analytics Cloud licenses for up to 90 days. The trial version already has numerous basic features, perfect for getting to know the software. We will be happy to accompany you during these first steps and show you directly in your solution where and how bdg refines the basic processes and adapts them to your requirements.

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SAC in practice:

With the help of SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC), you can manage and simplify processes in many areas of your company.

SAC SAP Planning Dashboad FTE HR Suite

Data management with SAC

Intuitive business intelligence dashboards for executives let you interact with analytics in an instant. Navigate between different levels of information, combine metrics, compare trends, identify correlations, and get to the bottom of results.

Analyse, discuss, present

Prepare and experience dynamic presentations through a user-friendly and interactive interface. Follow a prepared agenda or conduct a free-form meeting with an exploratory dashboard.

SAP SAC Core HR Dashboard Colours
SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) Personalplanung bdg

SAC: Planning and simulation – for more decision-making reliability.

Become familiar with key drivers and relationships included in planning information. Perform ad hoc simulations and what-if analyses to compare the impact of potential decisions.


SAC is highly regarded by independent analysts and, thanks to continuous further development, achieves top positions in internationally recognised rankings every year. 


With the SAP Analytics Cloud, one of the world’s leading software manufacturers offers a flexible solution that is convincing in virtually all respects. SAC is visually appealing, functionally clever and stringent. Best of all, the software is still relatively new, but already does more than many comparable products. The application possibilities in the area of artificial intelligence are unique – at the moment, the large-scale use of AI and machine learning in corporate planning is still a vision of the future, but SAC has the appropriate interfaces ready for future developments.

The powerful combination of user-friendliness, scalability, analysis and planning make SAC an effective tool for large and medium-sized companies. From our point of view, SAC is particularly suitable for human resources because of its high suitability for system integration in other areas. HR departments often lag behind when it comes to the topic of digitisation and therefore have a hard time getting their voice heard in corporate planning. Our SAC solutions with detailed data evaluation and integration into existing systems give your People Planning & Analytics the basis of data and facts that make HR an integral part of corporate management.