The better decisions group (bdg) is an internationally active business intelligence consultancy based in Germany and the UK. As a long-standing partner of leading software providers such as Board, Jedox and SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC), we deliver customised solutions and best practice approaches for planning, reporting and analytics.

Our experience of over 15 years in the field of BI / Corporate Performance Management is reflected in numerous successful projects. Our focus is on the business lines Finance & Controlling, Marketing & Sales, Human Resources and Procurement as well as on the Retail, Energy and Manufacturing sectors.

Together with our partners, we concentrate on individually tailored solutions that perfectly fulfil even diverse and complex customer requirements.

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Game Changing

better decisions group GmbH | Beitragsbild Success Story Sainsbury

Intelligent inventory optimisation with Board 

The clothing division alone has hundreds of thousands of SKUs, making inventory management extremely complex. Efficiently managing the flow of goods therefore requires a highly flexible and reliable processes and software. With Board and bdg, Sainsbury found the ideal solution to optimise inventory management.

better decisions group GmbH | Beitragsbild Success Story KFC

Restaurant planning  at KFC

Good planning is crucial for business success. This is especially true in the fast-food business, where speed of response and quick adaptation to changing consumer trends are essential. As the business grew, so did KFC’s restaurant planning requirements, which meant that the Excel-based planning system was soon unable to keep pace with growth and needed to be replaced with a more powerful solution.

better decisions group GmbH | Beitragsbild Success Story Strato

Driver-based Profit and Loss Account with STRATO

STRATO and bdg jointly developed the concept for the implementation of a BI/CPM solution for controlling. Board was chosen as the software; the intuitive and user-friendly design of the application was particularly decisive, enabling it to be used as a self-service BI.

better decisions group GmbH | Beitragsbild Success Story Zalando

Zalando Category Planning

The classic Excel-based planning process for merchandise planning reached its limits with the constant growth of Zalando, Europe’s largest online platform for fashion. Too time-consuming, error-prone and not very homogeneous: Merchandise planning was no longer in line with the dynamic business environment and was in danger of completely losing sight of important key factors in an overly sluggish planning process.
Zalando relied on bdg to implement a complex solution in Jedox for merchandise planning.
The result: the planning time and effort were radically reduced and the quality of the planning was significantly increased.


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