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solution for planning and reporting in Housing and real estate

Build capital, find investors, grow – in which industry is this cycle so prevalent as in real estate and housing? No matter if big or small, these companies all watch for the same KPI’s. rent, vacancies, maintanance, receivables, – in the end, the profit of each buidling is what counts. Real estate companies routinely operate on high budgets. Through many fusions and acquisitions in this dynamic market, many nowadays also manage a digital type of building  – Data silos. Reports, contract data and generally alot of information can only leave data silos with great manual effort – making it almost impossible to manage the company swiftly and flexibly from its headquarters.

A bdg solution will help centralise your data.

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holistic real estate planning

Budget, balance and PnL are central reporting data – also in real estate. A bdg solution delivers those by the press of a button, at any time.

The Keyword here is ‘Data aggregation’: Beginning with operations on contract or building level aggregating to project planning, maintanance and receivables – all data flows centrally and transparently into a single PnL, fill the balance sheet and cashflow.

Make operational
object planning easier

In particular for planning maintanance or modernisation measures, rent intake and receivables, many cmpanies rely on MS-Excel. That works … but is hardly ideal. Asset managers, property managers and controllers cannot work simultaneously, will receive error messages non-stop and the analysis of data requires enormous effort. And god forbid a reference is renamed – you know how the story goes …

At the same time, it is possible to plan well in advance, especially at the property level. When contracts expire, when and where vacancies occur and which investments will be necessary in the future is known well in advance. With the help of a planning solution tailored to your needs, you can gain the necessary transparency over your data and plan much more efficiently in the future.

Read our Success Story  to find out how this works in practice.

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Integration of all
e.g. SAP Blue Eagle

A modern BI / EPM solution is “planted” on the entire IT infrastructure like a roof and can integrate all upstream systems with very powerful APIs and thus avoid media breaks. 

Whether SAP Blue Eagle, Microsoft Navision or other ERP systems, with a modern planning solution all ERP systems can be connected via API, so that you can access all relevant data within the application on a daily basis.


Would you like to learn more? In our success stories, we describe concrete projects from our practice. You may recognize your company in one or the other of the initial situations – and learn right away what a solution could look like!

Alternatively: Send us a contact request, we will call you and report first-hand.

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Strategic planning

  • Planning, budgeting and forecasting on the press of a button
  • holistic, integrated reporting
  • Loan planning, P&L, balance sheet, cash flow
  • Data-based development of portfolio strategy


  • Strategic and operational property planning
  • Planning of leasing assumptions and rent development
  • Avoidance of vacancies through data-supported forecasts
  • Optimization of marketing and sales measures

Performance Management

  • Building-based FFOs
  • Target agreements in line with corporate objectives
  • Overview OPEX / CAPEX
  • Operating cost controlling
  • Cluster-based data analysis

Construction cost planning &

  • Cost estimation according to DIN 276
  • Budget and project planning
  • Flexible order management and controlling

Reporting and Dashboarding

  • KPIs for controlling department, middle management and board of directors
  • Visualization of the most important key figures
  • Quantitative key figures, e.g. vacancies, maintenance, fluctuation
  • Qualitative key figures, e.g. tenant satisfaction, demographic data, distribution
  • Reduction of administrative effort

Data aggregation and Data integration

  • Single Point of Truth
  • Consolidation of existing data in a single platform
  • Integration of data from different systems, e.g. SAP Blue Eagle / Microsoft Navision (Relion)
  • Data integration from different locations
  • Restriction of authorizations down to the lowest aggregation level


In a live demo, we will show you bdg’s solution in a quick virtual meeting. We will be happy to discuss your specific requirements in advance.

What to expect in the live demo:

  • Insights into the architecture of a BI & EPM solution
  • How bdg customises a BI / EPM solution
  • Features that bdg has developed specifically for your industry
  • What a project with bdg will typically look like

Simply fill out the form and choose an available timeslot. You will receive a meeting-link by e-mail.

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