The retail sector is uniquely affected by external events. Supply chains, procurement and warehousing costs, often low margins and high staff turnover create difficulties for retail companies in crises. But: every crisis is also an opportunity and with flexible, integrated business planning, more can be gained in this dynamic market than in any other industry. 

Retail-specific solutions from bdg are among the most effective on the market and contribute significantly to the success of our clients.

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Production is about perfection in processes. On-time delivery only works with robust procurement planning and a significant part of the margin comes from efficient production processes. Manufacturing solutions from bdg work on every driver of the value chain, optimising processes and providing transparency and speed in decision-making.


The energy industry is at the centre of overall economic development. Accordingly, stability is its most important asset. Digitalised procurement planning and – based on this – integrated financial planning relieve the rigid processes through flexible advance planning. Optimised processes in sales controlling improve customer retention and reduce the churn rate. bdg has a lot of experience in the industry and strong references for further energy projects.

Real Estate

The real estate industry naturally thrives on large amounts of capital. A business intelligence software creates transparency via P&L and balance sheet and accelerates capital accumulation through faster processes in financial controlling. In the real estate sector, bdg has set new standards with some functions specially developed for the industry.

IT & Telecommunication

The telecommunications industry has had several years of great dynamism. Countless mergers and consolidations have left their mark on most companies in the industry. Data silos and poorly linked databases are the rule rather than the exception here. 

bdg solutions integrate the systems and enable centralised corporate planning.