The better decisions group (bdg) is an internationally active business intelligence consultancy based in Germany and the UK. As a long-standing partner of leading software providers such as Board, Jedox and SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC), we deliver customised solutions and best practice approaches for planning, reporting and analytics.

Our experience of over 15 years in the field of BI / Corporate Performance Management is reflected in numerous successful projects. Our focus is on the business lines Finance & Controlling, Marketing & Sales, Human Resources and Procurement as well as on the Retail, Energy and Manufacturing sectors.

Together with our partners, we concentrate on individually tailored solutions that perfectly fulfil even diverse and complex customer requirements.

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Game Changing

Image for Allocation & Replenishment

Reach the optimum in Allocation and Replenishment

Allocation & Replenishment is complex – and getting it right just isn’t easy! Sending the wrong stock to stores, or more commonly sending the wrong quantities to stores, is super common in retail. But it doesn’t have to be! Read on and learn how a systemic solution for allocation and replenishment can support you in this increasingly complex task.

Butget Cycle

The Four Phases of a Budget Cycle – Made Easy with the Right BI Tool

Have you ever thought about why the regular financial budget season spans over three months? It‘s because Controlling and FP&A departments have to walk a tightrope between accuracy and timely completion as they often rely on a variety of spreadsheets. What falls short is the flexibility to react to today’s world with its rapid market dynamics. Read on to learn how the right BI tool can help!



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