Different industries have different requirements for dedicated data management and planning software. We are ideally equipped for this! 

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We see ourselves as the interface between our customers and our software partners. Part of our identity is therefore to know and understand both worlds. Our project teams always combine industry experts with software specialists. In some areas we have been able to build up outstanding competencies over the years and realise countless projects – these are our focus industries.

Energy &

The energy industry in Germany is characterized by many local utilities that are expected to handle ever larger tasks. In hardly any other area can automated processes add value faster and more effectively.

For energy supply companies (EVU), we therefore offer solutions that can optimize the entire value chain.

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Retail & Grocery

Retail: Strong competition, growing product assortments and the development of multichannel platforms put pressure on the industry – not to mention external circumstances that often hit retailers particularly hard due to the sheer size of this industry.
Retailers have very large requirements in terms of warehouse logistics, supply chains, price and markdown adjustments, and general inventory planning, with often high staff turnover – making long-term software training unattractive. We explain how a BI/EPM solution can support here and which one is best for you.

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Banking & Insurance

Especially in these areas, the integrated use of data for analysis, planning and reporting is practically indispensable. Almost all processes in the industry can be mapped with modern BI and planning applications.

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IT & Telecommunication

The IT & telecommunications industry is characterized by high consolidation and innovation dynamics. Here, clever networking and system integration are needed to break down data silos and enable control of the company’s own network capacities.

Over the decades, regular changes, extensions and modifications have created gigantic databases of customer and contract data. If you include the frequent takeovers and legal changes, the picture is one of unmanageable complexity in critical areas. This is where a secure and integrative BI/EPM solution can be a real game-changer.

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In production companies, many processes are already highly optimized – they benefit above all from flexibility in cost calculation and faster planning cycles with rolling forecasts in order to be able to react to emerging price fluctuations on the resource market.

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Housing & Real Estate

Housing companies often suffer from a multitude of decentralized data silos. Regardless of whether they are privately or publicly owned, and regardless of whether they are dealing with commercial real estate or apartments – different systems for financial, housing, maintenance and personnel management create major challenges for housing companies. bdg has already developed numerous effective and customized solutions in the area of real estate that create full transparency of the important key figures – we would be happy to present this to you in a demo.

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