SAC : Make better decisions – data-based.

With SAC and bdg the quality and security of information is raised to the next level. The analytics cloud by SAP is a jack of all trades. Business Intelligence is meant quite literally. SAC utilizes machine learning with artificial intelligence and so guarantees a high quality in all simulations. This software stands out: A planning solution of the highest level, implemented by bdg.

Centralized Intelligence

Consistent business decisions through central access to all analysis functions, with a uniform user experience.

Automatic Insights

Machine learning technology highlights key business drivers and insights so you can take targeted action.

Integrated Planning

Immerse yourself deeper and run simulations directly from the boardroom with a 360-degree view of your company.

Interactive Results

Track real-time organisational KPIs with the latest updates to your interactive dashboards.

SAP Analytics Cloud integrates seamlessly with data and planning solutions and provides a 360° view of your business.

As a business first application, SAP Analytics Cloud understands the way you work. Our integration with industry and business solutions supports the intelligent use of data to simplify and streamline decision making for the Intelligent Enterprise.

SAP Partner bdg Dashboard
Dashboard SAP Partner bdg

Explore your information with SAC

Intuitive business intelligence dashboards for executives allow you to interact with analysis in no time. Navigate between different levels of information, combine metrics, compare trends, establish correlations and get to the bottom of the results.

Conduct effective meetings

Prepare and experience dynamic presentations through a user-friendly and interactive interface. Follow a prepared agenda or conduct a free-form meeting with an exploratory dashboard.

Dashboard SAP Partner bdg
Dashboard SAP Partner bdg

Planning and simulation

Familiarise yourself with the key drivers and relationships contained in planning information. Perform ad hoc simulations and what-if analysisto compare the impact of potential decisions.

Get to know the bdg | Suites in our Online-Demo.

  • Relevant information and simulations with the press of a button

  • Improved control over projects, lines of business and channels

  • Impulses for drill-down analytics

  • Improved quality through interactive collaboration

  • Relevant, timely reports and dashboards: groundwork for intelligent, databased decisions