Jedox integrator – all strings attached


Whether in the cloud or on-premise, whether from Salesforce, Qlik, ERP tools, SAP systems or MS Offce files: Thanks to the Jedox Integrator, you always have a comprehensive view of your company data with Jedox. The Jedox Suite is a pre-system-neutral BI and CPM platform, which merges data from heterogeneous sources into a uniform view.

The native Jedox Integrator was developed for the extraction, transformation and loading (ETL) of large amounts of data from upstream systems. Via the comfortable web interface, users can not only transfer transaction data to the Jedox database fully automatically and without programming, but also model complex transformations and aggregations.

Jedox & SAP: A certified team


With the SAP Connector you can integrate your Jedox BI and CPM system into your SAP landscape and benefit from fast data extraction and customised planning, analysis and reporting applications. All SAP systems based on SAP Netweaver are supported and their security requirements and authorisation conditions are observed. For SAP ERP and SAP Business Warehouse (BW) there is a special Business Content for user-friendly data extractions. Thanks to the Jedox SAP Connector, users can extract all data from all SAP modules (e.g. FI, CO, MM, etc.) and automatically convert it into multidimensional OLAP data. In addition, users have access to an SAP-certified business package, which makes it much easier to access Jedox reports from the SAP Enterprise Portal.

Relational database:

  • Apache Derby
  • DB2
  • H2
  • Ingres
  • MS SQL Server
  • My SQL
  • Oracle
  • PostgreSQL
  • SAP MaxDB


  • SAP BW / BI

Other databases

  • Salesforce CRM
  • Jedox OLAP
  • Lucanet

File-based data:

  • Comma-separated values (CSV)
  • Microdoft Excel
  • Microsoft Access
  • File directories
  • XML

Further Data Services / Protocols:

  • LDAP Server
  • SOAP Webservices
  • FTP

Further technical details

Whether cluster and time series analysis, statistical test procedures or text and web mining, statistical calculations form the basis for the possibilities of business intelligence in many areas. For this purpose the open source software “R” is integrated into the BI platform. The already mentioned user survey by BARC showed that users particularly appreciate the high query speed of this Business Intelligence software. This speed is based on the GPU technology. A high performance in this area is particularly crucial for the success of very complex planning models with an extensive data basis.

Ensuring a broad, up-to-date and consistent database

The quality of the data on which the analysisis based on is ensured by the BI software with the In Memory data processing. A special Jedox Integrator can automatically import the data into the database server. In addition, manual write-backs are also possible via all front-ends. This special technology guarantees the consistency of the data.

Both standard pre-set key figure calculations and data modelling can be carried out on the basis of real-time data. Using the integrator as an ETL tool, many other systems can also be connected to the BI platform as data sources. Writing back to these systems is also possible if required. Import and export processes can be automated in a time-controlled manner. These technologies and processes guarantee a powerful, secure and efficient data integration.

The consolidated data of these pre-systems can be incorporated into all analyses, planning and reports carried out with the Business Intelligence software. This ensures a very broad, up-to-date and consistent database as a prerequisite for accurate and reliable information.

Among other things, many JDBC and ODBC-capable databases, ERP and CRM programs, flat file and SOAP web services can be connected. With the SAP Connector, an add-on to the Jedox Integrator, it is also possible to connect all systems based on SAP Netweaver.

When transferring data to or from other systems, all security and authorisation requirements are automatically maintained. Via the add-on component ODBO XMLA, ODBO-capable Windows clients can also access Jedox data in order to use it for visualisations.

Support by bdg

bdg has been working in the field of BI since 2004 and has been a partner of Jedox since 2008, which speaks for extensive experience and a special position in the partner network. We support our customers in using the platform and thus help them to achieve more transparency and business success. Our tasks include creating the BI concept, implementing the software and making individual adjustments. Furthermore we are available for the ongoing support. Regardless of the industry, we work for medium-sized and large companies as well as for various organisations.