Solution for purchasing and procurement

Purchasing can be made more efficient with BI support. Purchase prices, ancillary procurement costs and currency fluctuations play a role. But the quality of materials and goods and the reliability of suppliers are also important. To avoid unnecessary storage costs, deliveries should be made according to demand. On the other hand, graduated prices or discounts can also bring advantages.

From this it can be seen that in purchasing controlling a variety of interrelationships have to be considered, including links to sales planning and production. Business Intelligence can include comprehensive information in appropriate analysisand provide reliable information as a basis for decision-making on all procurement issues. The BI solution provides the best possible support for all purchasing processes and negotiations.

Jedox for successful sales

The same applies to distribution. Sales data can provide early indications of opportunities and risks, but also of sales efficiency. BI-supported analysiscan be used to identify which sales channels are most successful and where potential lies.

Evaluations of customer groups and market segments with regard to the opportunities for the company are also possible. Via the BI platform, all sales employees have access to up-to-date information on which they can base their work.

More efficient marketing thanks to Jedox

Business Intelligence also offers decision support tailored to marketing. Here, it is mainly a matter of using the existing budgets profitably.

Which keywords increase the reach of the company website? Where do most leads and sales come from? What do the individual marketing measures contribute to success and what do they cost? In the field of marketing, large amounts of data are regularly generated thanks to sophisticated technical possibilities. With the help of the business intelligence platform, valuable information can be gained from this data.

Forecasts for planning and CPM

The use of BI software opens up new possibilities for corporate planning and corporate performance management. Forecasts are used, for which the tool also provides functions. The basis for this is a database that is coordinated with all corporate divisions.

The BI software also enables specialist users to write back data to the central database. In this way, calculations can be made in real time and the up-to-dateness and consistency of the data stock is guaranteed at all times. This results in better coordination between the specialist departments, which enables more efficient and reliable planning processes. The software also offers functions for predictive analytics.

With the help of selectable levels of detail, it is possible to align planning to the desired level and to break down plan values. The intuitive planning tools simplify complex planning and control processes and lead to better results.

Support by bdg

bdg has been working in the field of BI since 2004 and has been a partner of Jedox since 2008, which speaks for extensive experience and a special position in the partner network. We support our customers in using the platform and thus help them to achieve more transparency and business success. Our tasks include creating the BI concept, implementing the software and making individual adjustments.

Furthermore we are available for the ongoing support. Regardless of the industry, we work for medium-sized and large companies as well as for various organisations.