Zalando and bdg develop a Next Level Merchandise Planning Solution using the BI software Jedox

The classic Excel-based planning process reached its limits with the steady growth of Zalando, Europe’s leading online fashion platform. Too time-consuming, prone to error, and not very homogenous: the purchasing planning was no longer in line with the dynamic business environment and ran the risk of losing sight of important key factors in a too slow planning process. Therefore, Zalando and bdg developed and implemented a complex business intelligence and performance management solution in the area of category planning.

Using Jedox, a homogenous and highly efficient planning process for the complex pre- and in-season-planning was to be established. Data from various sources had to be integrated using the Jedox Integrator to merge relevant KPIs for a uniform planning process. The planning process was aimed at a top-down planning of the financial goals in combination with a bottom-up planning on a more detailed level of the product hierarchy. As a result of this approach, qualified guidelines were to be derived for ranges, and the supply chain and warehouseing were to be optimised to eliminate lost sales and reduced profits caused by closeouts or overstock.

As a CPM & BI solution, Jedox enables the development of an absolutely individual system for planning and reporting, which exactly meets the requirements of the customer with regard to the data to be integrated as well as the desired planning logic and workflows. At the same time, end users can work in the familiar Excel interface or in dynamic online templates.

In order to achieve the best results in working with Zalando on a BI solution tailored to the company’s needs, bdg pursued an intensive coaching approach. The project began with a clear definition of expectations and planning requirements. Together, relevant KPIs were identified and a planning process was developed, which was subsequently verified and optimised before the technical implementation.

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