bdg and BOARD facilitate performance management for fast food giants

Good planning is crucial to a company’s success, especially in the fast-food business, where the reaction speed and the ability to adapt quickly to changing consumer trends are essential. As KFC grew, so did the restaurant planning requirements. The initial Excel-based planning system consequently needed to be updated.

Together with bdg, KFC developed a concept for modelling and implementing a business intelligence tool to optimize planning processes. Due to its ease of use and the fast processing and evaluation time of the data, KFC opted for the BI software, BOARD. The project goal was the creation of a central data source, i.e. a single point of truth, as well as integrated calculations of the main drivers and KPIs in order to automate the planning process as much as possible.

bdg started transferring all relevant data to BOARD and integrating all variables and drivers in an automated process that calculated the required numbers based on a coherent logic, while still allowing the planning team to make any required changes. Within a short time, bdg set up an integrated restaurant planning solution ideally suited to KFC’s business requirements. In addition to support and maintenance services, bdg also provides support for customising and extending the BOARD solution.

Thanks to the new integrated restaurant planning solution and its planning logic across all modules, changes in key assumptions can now be implemented quickly and easily. The planning process that used to take 6-7 weeks is now done in a matter of days. As an overall result, time and quality of the restaurant planning process have been improved considerably. In combination with the level of detail, this gain in time and quality has made it possible to experiment with strategic simulations whilst maintaining the depth of detail.

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