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Performance management whenever and wherever you want? With Jedox software, your planning, analyses and reports are available on the worldwide web. Learn as a Jedox Specialist in the Jedox 306 Report Professional Training how to extend your business application with Jedox Web. This training is the right introduction.

After the training, you will be able to create a dynamic report in Jedox Web with the help of DynaRanges and form elements and expand it with diagrams and additional calculations. You will also learn techniques for setting up a reporting system.

The training is aimed at all those who do not yet have specialist knowledge in Jedox Web and would like to create a web-based reporting system with Jedox Web.

Participants have the greatest chance of success if they have the following prior knowledge:

  • Participation in courses 210 and 211 or equivalent knowledge.
  • Understanding of a Jedox data model (dimensions, elements, attributes, cubes).
  • Knowledge of the function of subsets
  • Knowledge of the possibilities to enter data into a cube
  • Excel reports on the web
  • Form elements and variables
  • Use of DynaRanges
  • Global settings
  • File and report manager
  • Diagrams and microcharts
  • Use of frames and links
  • Dynamically controlled data entry

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