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Jedox 356 Integration Professional Training

The quality of the data is crucial for the success of a Business Intelligence project. Extract, transform and load your data automatically from different sources with Jedox. This Jedox Integration Training, the Jedox 356 Integration Professional Training, offers the right start.

After the training you will be able to take data from different sources and transform it for different loading processes, build dimensions, load transaction data into a cube as well as automate these processes.

The Jedox 356 Integration Professional Training is aimed at all those who do not yet have specialist knowledge in data integration and who would like to build and maintain an automated model with Jedox from a pre-system.

  • Participation in courses 210 and 251 or equivalent knowledge
  • Knowledge of the structure of Jedox models (dimensions, elements, attributes, cubes)
  • Knowledge of the possibilities to enter data into a cube
  • Ability to distinguish between relational and multidimensional data management
  • Database and file connections
  • Extracts (relational, file, calendar, ConstantTree,CubeSlice)
  • Field transformations (date, reference,text functions)
  • Hierarchy transformations
  • Table transformations (normalise loops)
  • Load dimensions and cubes
  • Standard jobs

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