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Use the element and data functions of Jedox to create your individual reports and enhance them with graphics. Building on your knowledge of simple planning functions (e.g. from the Jedox 210 Specialist Training), in this training you will learn more about implementing complex planning scenarios.

After the training, you will be able to create complex, dynamic reports with Jedox and optimise your planning by using advanced functionalities.

The Jedox 211 Report Specialist Training is aimed at users who want to deepen their Jedox knowledge in report design in order to provide complex reports for analysis and planning.

Participants have the greatest chance of success if they have the following prior knowledge:

  • Attendance at course 210
  • Alternatively, knowledge of Jedox's basic "Insert View" and data splashing functionalities and basic knowledge of multidimensional OLAP databases.
  • Basic knowledge of Excel for working with formulas (formula editor, edit mode, F2 mode, formula structures)
  • Knowledge of working with cell references (fixing with F4)
  • Knowledge of Excel standard functions such as SUM(), CHAIN(), IF() and how to use the Name Manager
  • Individual reports with the "Insert elements" and "Insert data function" functions

  • Reports with graphics

  • Dynamic element lists with subsets

  • Extended planning functions (controlled write-back and distribution schemes)

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