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Are you new to Jedox?

In the Jedox 210 Specialist Training you will learn the basic concepts of Jedox data management, analysis creation and data entry in Jedox and lay the foundation for expanding your knowledge. For best learning results we recommend a combination of this training with the trainings 211 and 251.

After this training you will be able to analyse data and create plans with Jedox. You will gain a basic understanding of the following components:

  • Insight into multidimensional data management
  • Create reports with Jedox and enter data

You want a basic overview of the Jedox functionalities for reading and writing data? Are you already working with Jedox or do you want to gain a first insight into the possibilities of Jedox as a CPM and BI solution? Then this is the right training for you.

Die größten Erfolgsaussichten haben die Teilnehmer, wenn sie die folgenden Vorkenntnisse haben:

  • Knowledge of data management in tabular form (lists)
  • Knowledge about the possibilities of editing formulas (formula wizard, editing bar, F2 mode, structure of formulas)
  • Knowledge of how to deal with references (fixing with F4)
  • Knowledge of the formulas: SUM(), IF(), CHAIN() and the name manager
  • Introduction to Jedox OLAP
  • Ad-hoc analyses with "Insert View
  • Distribute views
  • Entering data into a Jedox cube
  • Introduction to planning scenarios and distribution schemes

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