CPM & BI for Manufacturers: Optimizing the entire Value Chain

Manufacturing companies are under increasing competitive pressure. Fast-paced, globalized markets and complex supply chains pose ever-changing challenges for producers. The use of suitable corporate performance management and business intelligence systems in the manufacturing sector has become indispensable, not only in the area of financial controlling. Rather, high-performing CPM and BI solutions provide support along the entire value chain. With proper editing and analysis, the wide variety of available data can help create transparency and deeper insights in all areas of operation,  from purchasing to sales, from storage to the individual production steps. Actionable insights created in this context provide an ideal basis for managers to make the best possible business decisions.

By using CPM & BI tools, potential weaknesses can be identified and optimisations can be made along the supply chain as part of a comprehensive supply chain management. In manufacturing, production intelligence solutions optimize load factors of machinery and equipment and open up potential for quality improvements in production processes. They support the implementation of manufacturing KPIs as well as production analysis, planning, and control. Tailored dashboards provide up-to-date, consistent data in a uniform view, which allows for problem causes to be promptly discovered and for tailor-made optimization measures to be initiated without delay.

Advantages of CPM & BI for Manufacturers

Gain actionable insights by merging financial and operational metrics, actual and plan values
Production Intelligence: Secure productivity and competitive advantages with CPM & BI tools
Fact-based decisions thanks to transparency and responsiveness along the production chain
Business Intelligence for Supply Chain Management: Optimize the entire supply chain

Inventory management and thus storage costs are often a key challenge for manufacturing companies. By analyzing current inventories in conjunction with analyses and forecasts of stock movements, inventories can be optimized and costs reduced. Furthermore, CPM tools use suitable key figures to monitor product quality and specifically combat weaknesses. CPM & BI solutions also allow for the evaluation of procurement costs in connection with the reliability of suppliers and facilitate detailled analyses of production costs, material consumption or maintenance efforts.

Sales controlling is another important issue for manufacturing companies. They might require forecasts of future customer behaviour or cost-benefit-analyses of different distribution channels. Potential after-sales costs such as warranty services can also influence corporate decision-making. Corporate performance management and business intelligence solutions support the monitoring and controlling not only of all production and supply chains, but also of all other areas of the company. Well-founded information ultimately leads to better business decisions and sustainable success.

Transparency along the Value Chain

  • Performance overview of inventory, supply chain, quality control and processing
  • Alignment of supply chain and production plans with sales and demand forecasts
  • Monitoring of operational processes
  • Seamless connection of financial planning with sales and distribution planning
  • Holistic view of company performance

Inventory & Supply Chain Management

  • Overview of supply chain performance
  • Delivery curves and warehouse planning
  • Increasing the efficiency of production logistics
  • Material flow simulation, optimisation of FIFO and LIFO processes
  • Inventory optimisation and forecasting
  • Batch size optimisation
  • Data-supported purchasing planning
  • Sales analysis and price optimisation

Data Aggregation and Data Integration

  • Automation of data acquisition and processing
  • Consolidate large volumes of data from ERP, MES and production data acquisition
  • Process control through company-wide performance indicator system
  • Fast access to different data sources
  • Key figure analysis according to different dimensions
  • Data mapping to financial and business goals

Production Intelligence

  • Production efficiency controlling
  • Product line planning and production sequence analysis
  • Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)
  • Capacity planning and analysis
  • Quality management, reject management
  • Shop floor management
  • Early identification of weak points in the production process
Business Intelligence Planung

Advanced Analytics

  • Self-service analyses
  • Predictive analytics with P&L forecasts for products, product lines, and locations
  • Increase of productivity and profitability
  • More flexibility due to less complexity
  • Improve sales forecasting and demand management
  • Discover optimisation and earning potential
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Reporting and Dashboarding

  • Production cockpit for quick visualisation of key figures
  • Dynamic reports & dashboards
  • Daily reports and evaluation
  • Cost and profitability management at different aggregation levels
  • Mobile BI for management and field service
  • Merging of operational and financial figures

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