Jedox 251 Database Specialist Training

Modelling and Maintenance of Database Structures

Use the element and data functions of Jedox to create your own individual reports and enhance them with graphics.
Building on your knowledge of simple planning functions (e.g. from the Jedox 210 Specialist Training)
you will learn more about the implementation of complex planning scenarios in this training.

Training objectives

After the training you will be able to create a Jedox database with dimensions, attributes and cubes and to adapt these structures to changing requirements.

Target group

The Jedox 251 Database Specialist Training is aimed at users who want to expand their basic Jedox knowledge to include the maintenance of database structures.

The training includes

  • Creating and editing dimensions
  • Adding and maintaining attributes
  • Creating and dynamising cubes
  • Implementing multilingualism

Participation requirements

Participants have the greatest chance of success if they have the following prior knowledge:

  • Participation in the Jedox 210 Specialist Training.
  • Alternatively, knowledge of the basic Jedox functionalities “Insert View” and data splashing as well as basic knowledge of multidimensional OLAP databases.
  • Basic knowledge of Excel (formulas, cell references, standard functions)

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Jedox 251 Database Specialist Training