Greater transparency in corporate management for energy suppliers

Corporate planning, Churn management and sales controlling
Greater transparency in corporate management for energy suppliers
Increased competitive pressure is increasingly affecting the energy industry. At the same time, companies are obliged to provide valid and up-to-date information to internal and external addressees, associations and the Federal Network Agency. Faced with this challenge, an efficient and uniform reporting and planning system becomes indispensable.

A business intelligence solution can become the key to success. Instead of isolated reporting islands and fragmented data, a complete integration of the commercial and technical business processes becomes possible. With such an integrative approach, an efficient and meaningfully networked planning, reporting and consolidation process becomes possible. Error-prone planning in Excel can be replaced so more time can be spent analyzing the data. Visual editing, also in the form of dashboards, as well as drill-down functions for detail views support the analysis work to enable end users to make the right decisions.

bdg works with companies in these sectors to ensure that all data is tracked, accessed and available for sustainable controlling, planning and forecasting. Usable data gives the customer a competitive advantage by forecasting demand, adjusting supply and reducing operating costs.

The advantages of BI in the energy sector


Identification of control-relevant key figures and development of comprehensive control models along the energy supply value chain


Integration of energy and business data from different divisions and pre-systems

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Corporate Planning

  • Strategic and operational planning
    • OPEX and CAPEX planning
    • Integration of sub-plans, such as Production, Networks, Sales, …
    • Integrated financial planning (income statement, balance sheet and CF)
    • Scenario calculations “what-if-simulations”
    • Driver-based planning/Value Driver Trees for generation, networks and sales
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Churn Management

• Identification of potential customer drivers
• Characterization of terminators
• Clustering of Churn Reasons and Monitoring
• Calculation and simulation of exchange probabilities
• Customer segmentation according to customer value
• Derivation and tracking of preventive measures
• Improve customer relations by tracking customer behaviour

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Sales Controlling

• Analysis and planning of distribution channels
• Sales efficiency and partner control
• Customer value analysis and segmentation
• Churn Management
• Sales positioning and growth opportunities
• Monitoring special contract customers (RLM, etc.)

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Controlling und reporting

  • Multi-level contribution calculation
    • Investment controlling and planning
    • Network controlling and planning (including NNE and KA)
    • liquidity management
    • Financial Controlling
    • Management Reporting/Dashboards
    • Group consolidation including cash flow statement
    • Group controlling down to the granular level
    • Monthly reporting including commenting and action management
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Regulatory requirements

  • ÖFA 3 – Point of delivery breakeven analysis
    • EEG forecasts
    • Calculation NNE revenue caps
    • Regulatory asset management
    • Investment planning and budgets

Data integration and feeder systems

  • Standard interfaces to all common ERP systems in the market, such as: SAP, Schleupen,
    Wilken, Navision and others
    • Additional interfaces to CRM and billing systems (for example, SAP IS-U)
    • Integration options for further energy management systems, such as SOPTIM,
    Robotron, etc.
    • Easy import of Microsoft Excel® and Microsoft Access®

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