STRATO and bdg create a future-oriented, flexible planning and reporting solution in Board

“With bdg and Board we were able to build a reporting framework that is flexible and grows with its tasks. It allows us self-service BI for data visualisation, analysis, reporting and planning”.

Stefan Sandner – Head of Controlling, STRATO AG

STRATO and bdg jointly developed the concept for the implementation of a BI/CPM solution for controlling. Board was chosen as the software; the intuitive and user-friendly design of the application was a decisive factor in this process, enabling it to be used as self-service BI. In the project, existing processes were to be replaced in which complex data sources and the manual preparation of data in Excel made planning and reporting extremely time-consuming tasks, which were also often error-prone.

The result: a flexible, transparent tool that enables self-service BI for data visualisation, analysis, reporting and planning. Data provision, which previously took a week, is now automated at the push of a button. The planning can be easily displayed multi-dimensionally, for example to view the profit and loss account by product line, quarter, country or individual company.

Due to the comprehensive training of the users by the bdg team, planning and reporting can even be further developed internally without the need for support by external consultants.


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