bdg and BOARD implement a fully integrated, agile BI and planning solution for merchandise, assortment and Item planning at N Brown

Good planning that is as exact as possible is crucial for the success of a company. This is particularly true in the fashion industry, where a high level of responsiveness and adaptability to ever-changing consumer trends are essential today. In addition to market conditions, Brown’s transformation from catalogue sales to an integrated omnichannel model brought new demands on the planning of purchasing and sales. The previously Excel-based planning was therefore to be replaced by a fast, agile and fully integrated solution.

The existing elaborate and labour-intensive planning process could only be merged at company level in a complicated and imprecise manner. In addition, it offered insufficient possibilities for both top-down and bottom-up planning. There was also a need for optimisation in reporting and analysis:

Here, a combination of SAP Business Objects and Excel was used, which required the support of technical staff and business analysts. This dependency often led to bottlenecks and delays.


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