bdg and BOARD facilitate performance management for fast food giants

Good planning is crucial for the success of a company. This is particularly true in the fast food business, where speed of reaction and rapid adaptation to changing consumer trends are essential.

As KFC’s requirements for restaurant planning grew with the company, the Excel-based planning system was soon unable to keep pace with the growth and had to be replaced by a more powerful solution. Together with bdg, KFC developed a concept for modelling and implementing a performance management and business intelligence tool to optimise the restaurant planning processes. BOARD was chosen as the CPM & BI software especially because of its ease of use and fast processing and evaluation of data.

The aim of the project was to create a uniform database as a single point of truth and to automate the planning processes to a large extent. This was intended to reduce reporting cycles from several weeks to a few days and to improve the quality of reporting. The aim was also to facilitate the previously very complex changes and scenario planning. Within a short period of time, bdg implemented a solution for integrated restaurant planning which was ideally tailored to KFC’s business requirements.

In addition to support and maintenance, bdg offers assistance in customising and expanding the solution. Thanks to effective training, the KFC team can now control their planning solution largely independently and optimise processes. With BOARD, the duration of the planning cycles could be shortened considerably and at the same time made more reliable and meaningful.

All information is now consistent and converges in a central data pool. Sources of error and multiple work could be significantly reduced by the central and automated data provision, overall quality was gained and time was saved in the planning process. The planning process, which previously took several weeks, was radically shortened by the BI application. As desired, the solution for integrated restaurant planning also makes it possible to run strategic simulations while maintaining the depth of detail.


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