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Marmind: marketing resource management

Marmind is a marketing resource management application that brings all the strands together. From initial campaign planning to detailed cost analysis – from task distribution to approval. By defining and systematising each work step in Marmind, you can finally plan and budget in a controlled manner.

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Asset Management

“Where can I find the images, the texts and the design? Anyone familiar with operational marketing is guaranteed to have heard this sentence before, or something similar.

The production processes of marketing materials are very similar to the processes in classic production companies and manufactories – time and time again this leads to confusion, after all, it is “only” about digital content.

Therefore, the digital equivalent of the warehouse structure is extremely important. Marmind sets new standards here with its asset management. In addition to pure storage, workflow and release processes can be linked to each document.

Marmind Asset Manager
Marmind To-Do Checklist

Worklfows and To-Do's

Who does what, when and how – workflows and to-dos are core elements of successful marketing work. Especially in the entire area of content. With Marmind, you can provide each to-do with predefined categories and workflows, attach assets and use checklists to calculate individual work steps. Thanks to extensive priority and timeline functions, you give your top-down planning a fully comprehensive framework.

And best of all: Creating a to-do takes less than 30 seconds because most of the necessary additional information can be entered automatically.


“Marketing campaign” At first, this sounds like a simple and regular process, but behind it are countless individual tasks broken down into smaller and smaller steps. Often, each task can only be handled by one employee, whose results are needed again in the next work step. If specialised knowledge is lost due to illness or holidays, the entire campaign is delayed or the time has to be compensated by ad-hoc work.

This is what makes the planning of marketing campaigns so extremely difficult. Marmind offers a convenient solution here through internal networking: to-do’s, campaigns and personnel data are linked from the outset. Changes in plans and delays can be calculated in advance and redundancies in the distribution of tasks reduce problematic failures.

Marmind Kampagnenplanung

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