Advantages of Board at a glance


The development time of a board solution is much quicker than the average for comparable IT projects.

The reason: Board is optimised for speed. The user-friendliness allows companies to involve their own staff in the development – this can greatly speed up implementation. In addition, thanks to the modular structure, partial solutions can be used as prototypes at a very early stage and can be continuously developed at the same time.

Ease of use

 Board is completely programming-free. The entire application can be operated, customised, and modified through a set of cleverly designed interfaces. Differences in the quality of a board solution do not result from the quality of the code – but from the stringency of the logic in the architecture and the smart combination of the various functions for sophisticated analysis modules. In principle, however, the following applies: After a short introduction, almost anyone can use Board. And anyone with a little IT affinity can also learn how to develop it – preferably through coaching with a certified board specialist.

self service

Self service means: you operate, maintain and expand your business intelligence and planning landscape independently. Some tools are suitable for this – but there are differences. For large companies with their own BI centres and low staff turnover, it is easy to maintain even complex and complicated IT systems in self-service. For companies without BI centres and those whose industry is characterised by high staff dynamics, there is Board. The software allows full self-service with minimal support requirements. Developers and users can train each other, and experience shows that adoption rates are very high. We often experience that once the first detailed data has been obtained in self service, the desire for more grows!

All-in-one Platform

In addition to the functions of a classic business intelligence software, Board also takes over performance management, data discovery, planning and forecasting, reporting and analysis and much more. Board is designed as a one-platform solution – encompassing all areas of decision making in… well… all areas of the business. The software is therefore also ideally suited as a system for centralised corporate management or xP&A/IBP.


Yes, dear money – it can be said: The costs of a board project are easier to calculate overall than for comparable projects and depend significantly on which IT resources are already available. Companies with well-positioned IT departments can greatly reduce the development time and thus the total costs of ownership (TCO). The total operating costs are additionally reduced by manageable additional support costs. But: Board projects are “front-heavy” – a professional implementation partner with a strong customer success profile is therefore all the more important.


In a live demo, we will show you a high-quality solution based on our bdg | Suite in Board. We would be happy to discuss your specific requirements in advance.

In the live demo:

  • Insight into the architecture of a Bi- & EPM solution.
  • How bdg customises a Board solution
  • Features that bdg has developed specifically for your industry in Board
  • How a typical project works with bdg

Just choose an appointment, you will get access to a digital meeting room – a bdg representative will welcome you there.