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Board BI Software: the One Platform solution

Board: The BI software of the Swiss company Board International is one of the best decision-making platforms. With Board, all tasks from the areas of business intelligence and corporate performance management can be mapped, as desired, on a single platform. Intuitive, clear dashboards provide all users with individual access to information and expand the company’s standard reporting system.

Instead of relying on many different tools for forecasting, analysis and reporting and risking a loss of time and quality, thanks to Board you can look at the big picture in a single powerful and uncomplicated software environment – all without programming knowledge.

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Board combines the core functions of a modern performance management solution. Reporting, dashboards, advanced analytics, data discovery, simulation, scorecards and, of course, planning. As a one-platform solution, Board can take data from other in-house systems and create a single point of truth for the entire organisation. Thanks to programming-free development and an outstanding user interface, Board is also very well suited as a self-service system.

Dashboard / Reporting

Visualise your most important data...


Benefit from extensive automation and optimisation of your planning processes.


Rolling forecasts are available to you at any time at the touch of a button.

Data discovery und analysis

Get more insight with deep data analytics.

advanced analytics

Enrich your decision-making with future forecasts.

Simulation / Scenarios

Calculate the impact of your planning at any time.

Self-Service BI

Completely programming free – ideally suited as self-service BI.


As a cloud solution, it can be accessed from anywhere at any time. Even on your mobile phone.

book a dEMO

In a live demo, we will show you a high-quality solution based on our bdg | Suite in Board. We would be happy to discuss your specific requirements in advance.

In the live demo:

  • Insight into the architecture of a Bi- & EPM solution.
  • How bdg customises a Board solution
  • Features that bdg has developed specifically for your industry in Board
  • How a typical project works with bdg

Just choose an appointment, you will get access to a digital meeting room – a bdg representative will welcome you there.

Board WSSI in bdg Retail Suite


The ease of use, the good design and the possibility of self-service development make Board one of the top tools for integrated business planning (IBP). Everyone can use Board: Project managers, accountants, marketers, sales people, HR departments – and of course financial controllers. Usability and user acceptance are a matter close to the heart of the Swiss developers – as is the linking of all departments. Board applications from bdg are robust, good-looking and innovative.

Diverse Functions
and Features

Often small, inconspicuous features simplify everyday work immeasurably. Board has countless functions and features that aim to do just that. Functions such as Split & Splat, Lock & Spread are so intuitive that your users won’t want to live without them after a very short time. Many features also work in the background and increase the performance of your solution without you having to pay attention to them. For a deeper insight into the functions and features of Board, please register for a demo. You will also learn how bdg extends the standard functions and features of Board and uses them in a smart way to design advanced analysis models.

board: Feature Circle

why BOARD?

Board brings a key advantage. A Board solution is robust, scalable and can be developed, built and expanded in a coaching approach with staff from the client side. Companies can use their own existing resources and put powerful decision-making software into operation without costly retraining or even hiring new staff. The costs of a Board implementation are generally easy to calculate.

We usually recommend Board to retail companies, where we often observe intensive staff turnover. The intuitive design interface facilitates the onboarding of new users and the ability to automate eases the daily workload and reduces attrition.


As one of the world’s leading decision-making platforms, Board is highly regarded by independent analysts and, thanks to continuous development, achieves top positions in internationally recognised rankings every year. Solutions from bdg regularly serve as a reference.