Business Intelligence in manufacturing:
The value chain in view – all at once

Manufacturing – The production of all those things we sorround ourselves with.

Despite making up a large part of the local economy, these companies are increasingly under competitive pressure. Fast-moving globalised markets and complex supply chains present manufacturers with ever new challenges. The use of a suitable business intelligence system in the manufacturing sector has become indispensable, not only in the area of finance and controlling.

High-performance BI solutions offer support along the entire value chain. From purchasing to sales, from warehousing to the individual production steps, the multitude of available data can help to create transparency and gain deeper insights, if prepared and analysed correctly. Such actionable insights provide management with an optimal basis for decision-making in order to survive in the competitive environment.

By using BI tools, possible weak points can be identified and optimisations made along the entire supply chain within the framework of supply chain management.Production intelligence solutions optimise machine and plant utilisation, support production analysis, planning and control as well as the implementation of production KPIs and open up potential for quality improvements within production processes.

Tailor-made dashboards provide up-to-date, consistent data in a uniform view, allowing the causes of problems to be identified promptly and precisely tailored optimisation measures to be initiated as quickly as possible.

Some references in manufacturing

see-through production: transparency in the value chain.

Transparency in the value chain.

  • Complete overview of the performance of inventory, supply chain, quality control and processing
  • Alignment of supply chain and production plans with sales and demand forecasts
  • Monitoring of operational processes
  • Seamless integration of financial planning with sales and distribution planning
  • Holistic view of company performance

Inventory & supply chain management

  • Overview of supply chain performance
  • Delivery curves and warehouse planning
  • Increased effectiveness in production logistics
  • Material flow simulation, optimisation of FIFO and LIFO processes
  • Inventory optimisation and forecasting
  • Batch size optimisation
  • data-supported purchase planning
  • Sales analysis and price optimization

Data: aggregation and integration

  • Data aggregation and data integration
  • Automation of data acquisition and preparation
  • Consolidation of large amounts of data from ERP, MES and MDE/BDE
  • Process control through a company-wide system of key figures
  • Fast access to different data sources
  • Key figure analysis according to different dimensions
  • Data allocation to financial and business objectives

production Intelligence

  • Production Efficiency Controlling
  • Product line planning and production sequence analysis
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
  • Capacity planning and analysis
  • Quality management, committee management
  • Shop floor management
  • Early identification of weak points in the production process
Business Intelligence Planung

advanced analytics

  • advanced analytics
  • Self-service analysis
  • Predictive analytics with P&L forecasts for products, product lines and locations
  • Increase in productivity and profitability
  • More flexibility through less complexity
  • Improving sales forecasting and demand management
  • Discovering optimisation and earning potentials

reporting and dashboarding

  • Production cockpit for rapid visualisation of important key figures
  • Dynamic Reports & Dashboards
  • Daily reports and evaluation
  • Cost and profitability management at different levels of aggregation
  • Mobile BI for management and field service
  • Merging of operational and financial key figures

BI benefits in manufacturing

Business Intelligence Reporting Haken
Actionable insights by combining financial and operational key figures, actual and planned values.
Business Intelligence Reporting Haken
Production Intelligence: Using BI tools to ensure productivity and competitive advantage.
Business Intelligence Reporting Haken
Fact-based decisions thanks to transparency and speed of response along the production chain.
Business Intelligence Reporting Haken
Business Intelligence in Supply Chain Management: Optimisation along the entire supply chain.

bdg | Software solutions for more clarity in production processes

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