Intensive BOARD trainings with bdg’s BOARD experts

Do you want to self-sufficiently create BOARD reports? Would you like to learn to efficiently analyse data and build bespoke planning applications for your business needs? Do you want to ensure that all key users in your company know how to use your high-performance BOARD software? Gain all the skills you need to make the most of your unified business intelligence and performance management software. A BOARD training session with bdg’s experienced trainers will provide you with the necessary know-how. Sign up now.

Choose the suitable course for your needs from our range of trainings. All trainings can be held at our offices in Peterborough or in-house at your company. During the course you will have access to a BOARD environment via virtual machine, allowing you to practise your newly acquired knowledge immediately. We currently offer the following BOARD trainings:

Capsule Training (2 days):

BOARD for analysis and reporting

The BOARD Capsule Training with bdg begins with a brief introduction to BOARD databases. Then you will learn about BOARD’s frontend design and how to autonomously create drag & drop dashboards, reports and analyses as well as planning templates.

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Procedures Training (2 days):

Better planning with BOARD

In the BOARD Procedures Training with bdg you will learn how to use BOARD procedures to design complex solutions such as planning and forecasting applications. We will also cover several use cases for procedures as well as the correct use of rules and workflows.

Database Training (2 days):

Building BOARD databases

The BOARD Database Training with bdg covers the fundamentals of database design, database construction, as well as loading data into your database. You will learn the basics of BOARD database maintenance and we will show you how to manage databases and user authorisations.

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